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2021 Forrest McDonald launched YouTube Video Channels

The Forrest McDonald Band Blues in a Bucket (2019) World talent Records

Forrest McDonald, Steve Jablecki – The Early Years (2019) World talent Records

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1964 – December 30 1964. Forrest’s first paid performance at the Harrisville Civic Center. Harrisville, R.I. with the Seagrams 7. Forrest McDonald lead guitar, John Holscher Rhythm Guitar, Bob Wiegand Piano Drums, Ed Riccio Drums, Paul “Tiny” Lister Vocals.

April 1964 – The Ox Bow Icidents are formed. Forrest McDonald lead guitar, John Holscher Rhythm Guitar, Bob Wiegand Piano, Dave Brooks Drums, Paul “Tiny” Lister lead vocalist.

1965 – August – Chip Tucker replaces Paul “Tiny” Lister on vocals and is the bands first bass player.

1966 – Jim Carr moves to Barrington, R.I. from Kansas City, KS and takes over on Bass Guitar. Jack Ryan leaves the Midnight Hour and joins the Ox bow Incidents as lead vocalist after Chip Tucker moves on.

1968 – Tod Urbonas joins the Ox bow incidents playing the Hammond B3 and Bruce Gasper takes over on vocals replacing Jack Ryan.

1969 – The Ox Bow Incidents are disband and Forrest Joins the Boston Rock Symphony with James Montgomery.

1969 – Forrest Starts a new group called Pale Ryder. With Steve Blodgett on Rhythm Guitar, Dave Hayes on Bass, Charley Flannery on Drums and Linda McCone on vocal.

1970 – Forrest joins the Wadsworth Mansion. Steve Jablecki is on piano, guitar and lead vocal. Mike Jablecki on Drums and vocal, and John Poole on Bass.

1971 – Charley Flannery replaces Mike Jablecki on Drums. 1972 – Forrest starts Choker with Charley Flannery, John Poole, and Wiley Crawford.

1973 – Forrest Moves to Hollywood CA, and starts Slingshot with Steve Jablecki, Bobby Zamora on Drums, and Skip Perkins on bass.

1974 – Dave Atwood replaces Bobby Zamora on Drums. Later that year Rob Robertie replaces Dave Atwood on Drums.

1974 – Raymond Victor replaces Steve Jablacki in Slingshot.

1975 – Forrest, Rob, and Ray join the Bookends with Steve Fishman on Bass and tour Asia.1975 – Forrest, Rob, and Ray join the Kathy McDonald band with Mark Levine on bass.

1975 – Forrest records a number of singles with Jimmy Read Jr.

1976 – Forrest backs up Marie Franklin, Doris Troy, and Bonnie Bramlett.

1976 – Forrest joins Silver, Platinum, and Gold. Lead by former Billy Preston Keyboardist Hubie Heard and his wife Rene this band featured former Ike and Tina singers Flow Kind and Edna Ricardson. Also on drums was Soko Richardson and on Bass Ronnie Greene.

1976 – Forrest visits Muscle Shoals Sound and records “Old TIme Rock & Roll” off Bob Segar’s multi Platinum Stranger in Town Album.

1976 – Forrest starts the Force with Bob Zinner on dualing lead guitar, Ty Grimes on Drums, and Arial Daily on Bass and lead vocals.

1977 – Rob Robertie replaced Soko on Drums in Silver Platinum and Gold.

1978 – Forrest moves to Muscle Shaols to work as a session man. He records “The Roads of life” with Bobby Wommack.

1979 – Forrest moves to Boston and starts the Spies with Old Ox Bow Incident drummer Dave Brooks. On Bass Jocko Safford, Rhythm guitar Jack Armitage, Jim Mitchel on vocals.

1980 – Raymond Victor joins the Spies playing keyboard and doing the lead vocals.

1981 – Rob Robertie joins the Spies on drums.

1981 – The Spies meet their demise and Forrest joins Sundance.

1982 – Sunance disbands and Forrest moves back to Muscle Shoals.

1983 – Forrest moves to Memphis and produces the Al Bradley project.

1983 – Forrest teams up with Joey Hadley on vocals forming the Fabulous Mustangs performing on Beale street.

1984 – Forrest moves to Richmond VA. and Joins “Your Mamma” with Cheryl Tiller on vocals, Mark Caplan on Bass and vocals and Scott Murphy on drums and vocals.

1984 – 1990 Forrest starts Valhalla with Mark Caplan and Scott Murphy.

1985 – Forrest also joins The First Class Band with Mike Andrews on vocal, Dawn Phillips on vocal, Tracy Batton on vocal, Gary Hartle sax and vocal, Walter Sheeley keyboard, Bad Bradd on Bass, Jim Brooks on Drums and Forrest McDonald on guitar.

1991 – Forrest moves to Atlanta and Starts performing as Forrest McDonald and and Raymond Victor with the 3D Blues Band. Diane Dutra on Bass, Dave Parnell on Sax and vocal and Chuck “Cap” Deville on drums

2000 – John McKnight joins the band on drums and vocals. Jon Schwenke joins the band on Bass playin all shows east of the Mississippi.

2001 – Andrew Black joins the band on guitar and lead vocals after the passing of Dave Parnell.

2001 – Forrest renames the band to the MVB, McDonald, Victor, Black band for several shows.

2004 – Forrest forms the Forrest McDonald Band with Tony Carey, Andrew Black, and Raymond victor and tours in support for their “Colorblind” CD.

2005 – In February Forrest’s home burns down in a devistating house fire destroying all of his posessions including all of his CD inventory putting an early end to his tour. In May Forrest married vocalist Kaylon Ward in Las Vegas.

2006 – April, Forrest, Kaylon and family move to Virginia open Birdsong Studios and begin work on their debut CD.

2007 – September, Forrest & Kaylon release Nothing Wrong With Dreaming. Their contemporary songs like Gas Pump Blues and the World Is Waiting received airplay coast to coast.

2008 – A Decade of Blues was released and received great reviews world wide.

2010 – Certified Blue was April 1 2010 making the Top 5 in the Blues Power Rankings followed by lots of performing for great fans.

2014 – Turnaround Blues Was released June 6 world wide, receivng great reviews. Three songs were in the Blues Power Chart top 50 at one time.

2015 – The Forrest McDonald Band wins the River City IBC Blues Challenge in June. They made it to the semi-finals in Memphis January 2016.

2017 – Stand My Ground was released June 1 receiving rave reviews.

2017 Just Plain Folks Music Awards Nominations.
After 18 months of screening the 17,400 Albums and 240K songs our judges have chosen nominees for both Albums and Songs in over 70 genres of music. Turnaround Blues has been nominated for best blues CD and River of Tears is up for best blues song.

Forrest has appeared or headlined many popular outdoor festivals such as The Atlanta Blues Festival, The Gasparilla Festival, Spring Fest, The River Place Arts Festival, Bay Fest, The Vallejo Jazz & Blues Fest, Sun Fest, The Carolina Blues & Seafood Festival, Bluesapalooza, The Montreaux Atlanta Festival, The Jacksonville Beach Annual Festival, The Melbourne Art Festival, The Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheater, the King Biscuit Blues Festival. and many others.

Forrest last release received airplay on 1,294 stations in the U.S. reaching a total of 15,824,400 listeners. Forrest’s fan base is world wide his CD’s are also played in Argentina, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Guam, Greece, Italy, Latvia, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, and Spain.

Forrest McDonald and the 3D Blues Band were voted the “Best Southern Blues Band” by Real Blues Magazine for 1999, 2000, and 2001. They also voted Finger Lickin’ Blues the best southern blues release for 2001.

Forrest McDonald was voted Best Southern Blues Guitarist (Modern) by Real Blues Magazine July 2002. He also received the Just Plain Folks Music Award for Best Blues Album of 1999 for the Spirit of the Blues CD. The song “Work, Work,” appearing on What’s It Gonna Take? was voted Best Blues Song for 2000 by Just Plain Folks.Two of Forrest’s good friends Roy Gaines and James Montgomery appear on What’s It Gonna Take.

Following hot on the heels of What’s It Gonna Take?, 2000’s critically acclaimed release, Finger Lickin’ Blues released in July 2001 has increased the band’s appeal to an even wider range of blues fans. Finger Licking Blues features a great remake of the Classic “Ode To Billy Joe” with a great slide solo by Steady Rollin’ Bob Margolin. As one reviewer stated Forrest’s version give me goose bumps on my goose bumps.

Forrest McDonald’s CD’s are required listening for any blues & rock aficionados, and will appeal to a wide range of tastes. This amazing artist has been performing Rock, Blues, and R&B for over 40 years to audiences world wide. His versatility and ability to please any audience is without question.

Forrest’s music videos have been seen on internet and cable shows nationwide.

Forrest is often in Memphis for the Blues Awards be sure to say hi when you see him. Here are some Post W.C. Handy Jam Pictures of Forrest playing with Ronnie Baker Brooks and Tab Benoit. W.C. Handy Jam Pictures.

Forrest is a member of the Blues Foundation and the River City Blues Society.

Additional information on Forrest McDonald and his band can be found at World Talent Records

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Forrest has had the honor of working with The Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section,  backing such artists as Bob Seger,  and Bobby Womack  . His guitar work can be heard on the enduring multi-platinum hit, “Old Time Rock and Roll” which was named Song of The Decade by CNN.

Some of the artist’s Forrest has performed with include, Roy Gaines,   James Montgomery,   Steady Rollin’ Bob MargolinBonnie Bramlett,   Johnny Barnes,  Kathi McDonald,  Eddie Van Halen,  Tony Carey,  (Rainbow, Planet P),  Steve Perry ,  (Journey),  Marie Franklin,  (Ray Charles),  Jimmy Reed Jr. (Ike and Tina) ,  Silver Platinum and Gold,  (Billy Preston & Ike and Tina),  Chick Willis,  E.G. Kight, and The Wadsworth Mansion, reformed as Slingshot in LA,  CA 1972 .

Forrest and Steve Perry’s collaboration It’s Over, can be heard on Forrest’s debut CD I Need You It is also on itunes as Before the Journey.

Forrest and Steve Perry’s collaboration It’s Over, can be heard on Forrest’s debut CD I Need You It is also on itunes as Before the Journey.

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Forrest McDonald (804) 477-4488

Regrettably Tenor Saxophonist and dear friend Dave Parnell has passed away. Born in New Orleans, LA 10/27/41 Died Vallejo, CA 11/15/01. Dave will be missed by all of us. He is gone but not forgotten.

Dave Parnell can be heard on Forrest McDonald CD’s Finger Lickin Blues, What’s It Gonna Take?, and Spirit Of The Blues.

In Memory of Dave Parnell

Forrest McDonald has been a musical force on guitar for the past fifty-three years, and remains a commanding force at the forefront of today’ blues scene. Forrest McDonald showcases his mastery of the blues, accompanied by one of the hottest bands ever assembled. They are just as comfortable playing a shuffle, or a raw Chicago-style blues, as they are playing a slow heart wrenching Texas blues or a hard driven, fun rockin’ down home boogie. Whatever the blues, Forrest McDonald, Raymond Victor, Andrew Black and the 3D Blues Band consistently “rock the house” as they reach for that ultimate performance – and achieve it time and time again!

Forrest McDonald, Fiona Boyes, Bob Margolin, Kaz Kazanoff, Gina Leigh, John Schwenke and John McKnight gave an outstanding performance July 28, 2003 on Fiona’s live CD recording at the Blue Note West in Douglasville, GA. Check out this great CD review by Hal Horowitz, in the Dec/Jan issue of Blues Revue Magazine.

Sometimes you can see Forrest performing with two of his longtime friends Raymond Victor and Andrew Black. When this tour of force is assembled Forrest calls it the MVB Band for McDonald, Victor and Black.

The MVB Band played the blues like it’s never been heard before opening for Leon Russell at the Masquerade in Atlanta on May 31. It inspired Leon to put on a great show and the crowd was very happy after this fine evening of fantastic music.

In 2004 The MVB Band was part of the US All Star Revue booked world wide by The Southern Rock Foundation. The Austrian European Tour was a big sucess.

Atlanta, GA  After igniting the crowd with a smoking set of blues at the 2002 King Biscuit Blues Festival World Talent Records recording artists Forrest McDonald, Raymond Victor, and Andrew Black combined forces to record the “Colorblind” CD which was hailed by some critics as record of the year.   Have you read the review for Forrest’s 7th CD release titled LIVE in Real Blues magazine?

Review of the Roxy Show with Bo Diddley,
click here.  Forrest and Andrew Rocked the Roxy in Atlanta, GA Saturday night with an explosive set of the finest blues we have heard in some time. They roused the packed house of 1,200 fans to a fever pitch before Bo Diddley took the stage and played a fine set.